lets catch up...

so it's been awhile. lets catch up. i'm sorry for not updating for a bit, but i've kinda been out of the country and before that it was the holidays and such. so we've missed a bunch of things like- new years and now, my trip to india, nepal and a too-brief two-day layover in paris, france (hello mathyld!).

so first, happy new years! it's late, i know, but better late then never, right? second, i have days of editing ahead but i think i will share images of my trip day by day on this blog. fingers crossed i can get it done. here are some of the very few i've downloaded so far... yeah, that's a guy on a motorcycle standing next to a bull handing a monkey a banana. is there anyone/agency/newspaper/travel book and such that would like to pay me to travel? seriously!

and lastly, i've updated the shop for valentine's day and am really excited to share some new things like new cards by my mom(!), handkerchiefs and a few other things . it was so nice being home for the holidays and working with my mama on a few things. these are her cards and some other images from today...
hope you are having a great year so far!!!
what's been going on with you?


  1. Hello there, and welcome back from your travels.

    I nominated you for the sunshine blog award. I received the award and was meant to pass it on to ten of my favourite blogs. I decided to take the opportunity to 'delurk' on eight of the blogs I like but rarely or never comment on, as a chance to say hi and that I think that your blog is really nice!

    Thanks for brightening up blogland!



  2. Ooh ! Love the new offerings !
    This hankie sreams "Chad" doesn't it ? :)

    hugs from dull Paris,
    x x x

  3. Ummm....you know I'm going to be purchasing those valentines.

  4. Welcome home! It looks like you had a wonderful trip!!
    Your mom made the Catrina cards? How neat! I think I spy some glitter on the earrings?

  5. best photo ever, that one with the motorcycle. Totally made my day.

  6. thanks nadia!

    mathyld, paris dull? never! you're there....

    meghan, don't mess. you know that would make my mom so crazy happy if you did. really.

    nicomi - yep she did and yes that is some well used, understated glitter glue!

    and thanks so much tabitha!!


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