damn right its a lot of work!

the ny times article, That Hobby Looks Like a Lot of Work, about full time etsyians gave me some real perspective. (i'm not the only one) i've been doing this full time for about 5 months and for a many of my friends they see it as living the dream. working from home is amazing- there's comfort, ease, and flexibility in my daily routine that wasn't there before, but there is significantly more stress in maintaining this little business. it's my worst fear to wake up and it's gone.... i could relate to this story, and thought it was interesting for other makers and lovers of handmade to read. check it out here...


  1. A friend forwarded me this story and it was really interesting. I'm not trying to do etsy or my blog full time, but the article painted an interesting picture of what the successful etsy sellers are going through. Keep up the great work, your shop and blog are great!

  2. I love her! i have been following her for quite sometime! I am so happy her knits and her great photos are selling well! she makes me happy!


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