good bye vacation...

...hello NY cold and piles of work. here are some pics of last weeks travels. so much to share...
i said jump! and he did. my parents are in the background and the washington memorial too...the back of a joseph cornell piece. swoon. he made some of my favorite things and is an incredibly interesting man.
the library of congress is a-ma-zing. one of, if not, the most beautiful buildings i've seen. maya lin's vietnam memorial. the old house we stayed in had a closet full of these. i think they are player piano reels?hadn't seen my mom in a while and i love her new hair did. parental units taking pictures of me taking a picture of them (pictures of pictures, of my favorite things) at the botanical gardens.i had a "ding" moment looking at these bottles in a nautical museum in boston.a detail of a painting of st. lucy at the national gallery. i thought she was the saint of photography, but i was wrong. that's st. verionica. lucy is the patron saint of the blind. my confusion was that her name is derived from the word light, lux. i love this stuff. we ran this whole trip to trying to see it all. little things like this make it memorable.


  1. um, it's really weird that your mother must have been a fetus when she had you. what is she... like, 19 years old?

    sounds like a positive vacation, indeed! glad you're back, though

  2. Looks like it was a well deserved vacation. I love that detail of St. Lucy. I was raised pentecostal - we didn't have saints. As an adult I find them so mysterious and sort of esoteric. Like forbidden wisdom.

  3. Your mom looks beautiful! Also, such a great photo of St. Lucy at the bottom. We found a neat old photo of her statue for our desktop a while back.

    Glad you've had such a lovely vacation!

  4. I love joseph cornell too! Big up Cornell. Your trip looks lovely

  5. Love the photo of Jeremy jumping! Your Momma is so beautiful and I love her hair. And St. Lucy has always been one of my favorites...along with St. Cecilia, patron saint of music!
    Glad you had a grand time my dear :)

  6. cheyne- haha! i will have to tell my mom!

    lynelle- Yes! i was raised catholic, and my grandparents had saint things everywhere. they'd pray to the saints find lost objects and use milagros. it was magic to me...

    thanks thanks all!

  7. Oh my ! So many amazing images ...

    I adore these long boxes, in the closet ! Very "Harry Potter-esque" :)
    And the pictures of your boyfriend ? Perfect ! Love his nose and the jumping one is perfect !
    Your mum ? So pretty !!!
    That starry ceiling ? Dreamy !
    What a nice vacation you had !
    Thanks for taking the time to share.

    Kiss Kiss, my dear
    x x x


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