they only come out at night...

recently i completed my first big order for 3 sets of stars. seeing them done got me inspired to document them all together. i thought this dark and glowy image represented my idea of these pieces and how i see them well.

painting with light is easy. its a fun photographic experiment with serendipitous results. while looking for a how-to link i came across these "spray can" lights, by Aïssa Logerot, made for "painting" with light graffiti stylie. so good. how smart is it that when the batteries run low you recharge them by shaking the can. snap.


  1. They came out fantastic-- they look so wonderful hanging together, it must be sad for you to part with them!

  2. That's a gorgeous galaxy you've made. They look fab hanging from the rustic twine.

    (psst. I know you're probably super crazy busy, but I emailed you a while back at your gmail ... did you get it?)

  3. That is absolutely genius! Plus your constellations look fantastic all together x


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