heart factory....

...last weeks work...
i am a lucky girl, so very grateful to be busy and working full time on Miniature Rhino. it's something i never saw coming. it's just grown real organically. not having a business background i'm learning as i do this and feeling so overwhelmed. the other night i was apparently talking in my sleep about "the orders". i don't think i've talked in my sleep before but the pressures of managing a small business solo feel intense. don't take this as complaining please, it's just a new world for me. i never would have thought i would (or could) be working from home on the things i make! blows my mind as i eat cereal at noon, sitting at my work table and stitching.

big, big thanks to vanessa and meghan for their help this past week!!


  1. Great great work!!

    How does it feel to be doing just this, now?

  2. so lovely hun...your work is always amazing. of course you're still getting used to working for yourself, so there will be bumps, but I know you'll totes make it work!! my supa rad ladyfriend :)

  3. Congratulations again! Must be a crazy thing to get up, have your coffee and some cereal and get down to work on embroidered hearts! Not bad!


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