eagerly awaiting...

where the wild things are, the movie and there will be a book too! Dave Eggers novel, The Wild Things, will be released alongside the film. Heres a little excerpt from Egger's Max at Sea, and the full text here on the new yorker.

So he had a choice. Would he stay behind the curtain and think about things, marinate in his own confusion, or would he put on his white fur suit and howl and scratch and make it known who was boss of this house and of all the world known and unknown?

the image above by, Roadside Projects, who makes amazing cut paper dioramas, was in the show Terrible Yellow Eyes. The show has it's own blog full of works inspired by where the wild things are....


  1. Ooooo...I seriously can't wait for the movie! I just ordered the Dave Eggers book for the library. Yes...mainly for me, but I know my patrons will love it!
    xoxo homie :)

  2. i think you might need this! one of my very closest friends is a painter and creator of curiosities... she made this:


    yes, only 14 more days! i can't wait!


  3. I can't wait for the film! I am planning to go on my own, as just watching the trailer itself sends me straight to sobbing.

    This was one of my favorite books as a child. My aunt bought a stuffed animal monster for me when I was tiny and I was terrified of it. My older brother would chase me around the house with it until I cried (and he was sent to bed without dinner*)
    He turned 30 last month and has children of his own, now. And since Dave Eggers is one of our favorite authors, I'm pretty sure that the copy I ordered for him is kindof the best present ever. McSweeney's tells me it's been sent this week!

    *of course not really.

    have fun on your trip! try to give yourself a break and soak up the time off - YOU NEED IT!

  4. yeah, your blog is AWESOME. love your designs.


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