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from last week...
summer bulb onions - the roots and colors...boston lettuce - most beautiful and delicious salad lettuce.harkurei Turnips - remind me of jicama. i'm such a bad vegetarian and don't think i
had ever purchased turnips before, and now i love them.genovese basil - we made pesto!
cherry tomatoes - pretty, but i won't eat these. they make me think of eye balls exploding
in my mouth. i'm wincing writing this just thinking of biting down on one of these.asian eggplant - the color! we have no idea what to make with it. any ideas?


  1. ugh, i love tomatoes! I'll take them from you! lol. I just started to see some tomatoes (and cucumbers) sprout from our [makeshift] garden in the backyard. i felt like a proud mama.

  2. i love hakurei turnips! the farm i work for only grows them during the spring months so for a few weeks i try and eat them as much as possible.

    our asian eggplant started coming in a few weeks ago and i've been cooking it a few times a week.. i usually just sautee it up with some olive oil and whatever other veggies i'm using (it's particularly good with onions!). i like this variety a lot because it takes less time to cook, it has less seeds, and is a bit sweeter than normal eggplant. i also cut it a bit thicker than i would if i was sauteeing it and roast it in the oven. or you can cut it length-wise and grill it!

    okay i'll stop there with my vegetable rants. i could go on and on!

  3. make an unfried eggplant parm.

    slice eggplant into rounds salt and let sit for 30 min. to eliminate some of the water. rinse and pat dry. dip in egg or soymilk and then into italian breadcrumbs. put on nonstick cookie sheet and bake at 350 until golden brown, turning once during baking. you can then add your favorite cheese (or soy cheese) and sauce and rebake until heated through.

    or you can make a simple balsamic vinaigrette, marinate slices for an hour or two,then finish by grilling or roasting in oven.

    It's all almost too pretty to eat.

  5. id love to have all those tomatoes!! if you have a grill, eggplant lightly coated in EVOO and a little salt and pepper is quite tasty.. usually i end up covering it in nutritional yeast afterwards, too

  6. hi... (you made the pleadies/kite constellation for me...it's almost our anniversary and i'm bursting!)

    just a note... i love your blog! and am so so so happy for you that you're living in brooklyn creating! i've just moved from there (i'm from there) to a little blue house that looks like a barn in denver where i'm beginning my phd in creative writing this autumn!

    but i'm really writing to let you know that i used to feel the same about those teeny tomatoes... but, you should try them like this:

    in a small wok over medium to low heat, in a tbs of extra virgin olive oil, saute 2 cloves of garlic (minced) and 1/4 of a yellow onion (also minced)... saute for 3 minutes being careful not to brown.

    now add about a lb.(or more)of cherry tomatoes sliced length-wise

    add a pinch of sugar and salt and hot pepper flakes to taste...

    saute until the tomatoes give up some of their juices (about 5 minutes)...

    you can eat this hot with macaroni or fresh bread... or even cold with fresh basil leaves mixed in at the end so they don't wilt...

    hope this helps...

    and thank you for creating your magical pieces!

    x and o, elle

    oh, ps! i'm presenting a paper in a conference at the end of september in NYC and from the teeny tiny bit that i know about you, i think you may love the conference (and it's free!) here'a a link to it: http://belladonnaconference.blogspot.com/


  7. Thank you to all of you for the awesome suggestions! especially for the eggplant, because we got it again this week and now we have some options! we actually tried this for the eggplant...

    and elle let me know when you give the stars! thanks so much for the idea- i want to try it next time.


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