in honor of my weekend bike rides i thought i'd share some vintage folding bikes. i got my folding bike from this nice guy who used to cut my hair and collected vintage bikes. he'd buy beat up ones and fix them up. he had all kinds of bikes. he even had a bike coved in wicker- everything, the handles, seat and basket. he'd let me choose one, borrow it until my next hair cut and then pick a new one out. when i moved i kept the folding bike. i just couldn't part with it... 

mine kinda looks like this one when its folded...Add Image
(c)  kid ampersand  on flickr
via downtube on flickr
via fishermansdaughter  on flickr
Captain GĂ©rard folding bikes, circa 1914
 this flickr set of old school bikes is amazing!!

i can't wait for more spring time bike rides....


  1. I wish I got to choose a new bike everytime I got my hair cut....that is so cool. I love old vintage bikes. I would love to have one with a big basket on the front. Hopefully this summer I can invest in one. Thanks for sharing your cute story...I love this idea. I am now in search of a hair dresser that lets me borrow his vintage bikes!

  2. This is awesome! I need a cool vintage fold up bike! HELP ME


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