best thing today....

was seeing this work via ffffound, which can i say is the devil, much like the flickr. i just get lost happily clicking away good work time. but anything with winners ribbons and the line, "cool and smooth moves" wins me over! it looks like it's on a book cover, which i like very much.
this past week was crazy! i'm so thankful that the shop opening was well received, as was Marichelle's (from Heart Handmade) Shop Live event. Many, many  thanks to her for organizing it and inviting me to participate!! Thank you Marichelle for supporting so many shops and handmade!  it made for a great opening week. 
but along with that came a kitchen accident- it's not me though! my boyfriend cut the tip of his finger off-ahhh!  and now i must button up his shirts and put on his watch. he now has a frankenstein thumb that will forever be slanty. i was trying to think up good stories he can tell when he's asked how it happened- hummm...what do you think?


  1. I don't know what you mean by "kitchen accident." I totally got that injury from punching bears.

  2. oh, wait, didn't you have a run in with the chinese mafia- you lost the tip of your thumb but you should have seen the other guy...

  3. I sliced the tip of my thumb off once, and it did grow back. Fear not.

  4. Oh boy ! Looks painful ! Poor thing ...
    Ha ha ! Jeremy, is that him ?

    Sweet funny couple XD
    x x x

  5. I can't believe I missed this! Poor Jeremy! Hope that heals up fast. But in the meantime he can totally sport some awesomely gnarly stitches :)
    Be careful fella!


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