speaking of miniatures...

Yesterdays post on the World's Smallest Letter by Leafcutter Designs opened me up to see and remember some other great works in miniature. I'm in love with the concept of a world in miniature-its pure fantasy, magic and imagination, wonder and possibility...

And I remembered this exhibition at the Museum of Jurassic Technology, my favorite museum/ work of art, called The Eye of the Needle. The museum blurs the boundary between science and art, fact and fantasy. The artist, Hagop Sandaldjian, carves a single strand of hair in the eye of a needle! I couldn't make this up- click the links to read!The image above, called Wild Animals, from the exhibition shows twelve animals and a crowd of people carved from ONE SINGLE strand of hair! Maybe I'm a huge sucker and this is just a myth created by the brilliant David Wilson.For reals, the MJT is amazing and I'd blog it everyday just to share how much I love it.

Want to read more about David Wilson's MJT and curiosity cabinets, read this. It's great!


  1. Awesome post and blog, Jessica. I can't wait to see this movie.

    I bought a book letter from you awhile back. I just found your blog. It's great! I look forward to checking it out more in the future.

  2. totally remember you- you make awesome books! just wondering-did you send out the book or keep it? thanks for visiting!

  3. Oh wow...that carving is incredible! It's unreal. Miniature art is amazing.


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